Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Welcome to Year 2!

During the Spring Term, Year 2 will be carrying out a topic about islands. This will include fun and exciting work based on local islands including the Inner and Outer Hebrides and islands around the world including the Caribbean islands. As part of the topic, the children will be encouraged to research this topic using books and ICT. They will learn about differences and similarities between where they live and where others live around the world. This will include a walk round Walkden to explore our Local History.  We will look at texts suited to the topic including the ‘Katie Morag’ stories. We will also be taking on the role of conservationists to study the effects of pollution in our seas and oceans. 


The children are expected to read for approximately 10-15 minutes every night with an entry in the reading record.
Each week the children are given homework for literacy and numeracy in a separate homework book. The literacy may include simple sentence work, poetry writing, story writing or character description. The numeracy work may include simple number work, a shape or money activity or some problem solving. Where possible, homework is linked to the learning at this time either to recap on teaching, practise skills or link to topic work.
It is expected that the child should be able to access their homework with limited support from parents.
In addition to this, the children also receive weekly spellings to learn. They are encouraged to use them in sentences in order to develop understanding.
Homework and spellings are given out on a Monday and expected to be returned by Friday morning.
In addition a list of websites has been recommended for the children to use at home for further study of any subjects covered in class.