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King's Kids

King's Kids

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We thank you for your continued patience regarding the opening of King’s Kids Breakfast and After School Club. We have been looking into opening the club in the safest way possible whilst following government guidelines.

We are pleased to tell you that club will be starting on Monday 8th March.

In line with the guidance, we will be making a few changes to the way the Breakfast and After School Club runs. We will be following very strict protocols to make sure this works properly and I have outlined these below and ask that you follow them too. 

The safest way for us to open is to split the children into ‘Bubbles!’ This will consist of splitting the children up into their year groups.  We will do this by making the most of the space around King’s Kids room and spilling out into the hall. Bubbles will have to socially distance.

The club will feel and run quite differently and we need your help in preparing your child for this. As much as it will be different, we will still maintain the ‘home from home,’ happy and relaxed environment we pride ourselves on.

*The first step is to book and pay for your child/children through Parent Pay (details attached) a week in advance (you can book a month or term in advance if this fits in better with you) as we have limited spaces and we need to protect the future running of the club. Refunds will only be available if your child’s bubble is sent home to isolate.

Getting back!

Breakfast Club

*Parents/Carers to be buzzed in as normal and to make their way to the King’s Kids door. A staff member will arrive to collect the child and no parents/carers are permitted to enter.

*The child’s temperature will be taken at the door. If the child has a high temperature they will be sent home (to protect the club). They will sanitize their hands at the door, before entering the club.  Temperatures over 37.8 will be regarded as high.

*Children will be taken to their ‘Bubble Group Areas.’

*Each child will have their own disposable cup, bowl and plate to use.

*Staff will serve the children to ensure there is no mixing between bubbles.

*Once eaten, the child will be handed their own file of activities and colours and told to stay in their area. The screen will be on for them to watch something or listen to music as they do their activities.

*Early Years can play freely in their area, as well as having a file of activities if they choose to do them.

* At the end of club, children will be given hand sanitizer to clean their hands.

*Class TAs to pick up children at 8.35-8.40 from their areas via outside if infants and Early Years. This will ensure they are back to greet group 1 making their way into class and there will be no mixing.

After School Club

*Children will stay in their classes until all the children have gone to reduce the risk of mixing bubbles on the way to King’s Kids.

*TAs to bring children to their nearest hand sanitizer station on the way or just as they leave the class and to bring them to their bubble areas.

*Temperatures will be taken. If a child has a high temperature they will be sent home.

*Registers will be taken in each bubble.

*No hot food will be served during this time. Snacks will be available and served to the children. These will include: sandwiches, wraps, sausage rolls, breakfast bars and fruit. Each child will have their own disposable cup bowl and plate.

*Clean files will be handed to the appropriate children with their activities in.

*Early Years’ children can freely play in their area and will also have the choice of doing the activities in their own personal file.

* A member of staff will take a bubble group at a time outside for fresh air for around 10 minutes per group. Hands to be sanitized on the way out of the door and again as they re-enter.

*Parents/Carers need to wait until they are buzzed in at the school gate and then are kindly requested to wait at King’s Kids door for their child to be brought to them.

*The latest pick up is 5.30pm. Club will close promptly at this time. Please do not be any later than this to pick up your child.

* We look forward to opening our doors once again. If you are new to King’s Kids or have any questions or concerns please email me (Mrs Horrocks) on

 Thank you and kind regards

 Mrs Horrocks

(Breakfast and After School Club Manager)

 Mrs Potts