Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Parents and Carers

We hope you find this information helpful in introducing you to Christ the King School. You are welcome to visit the school and discuss in detail the kind of education we can offer your child.

At Christ the King we welcome and encourage parental interest. Goodwill and a spirit of co-operation must exist between home and school and it is essential that your child sees this partnership working well. We seek excellence in all we do and strive to enable your child to reach his or her full potential not only academically but as a whole person.

We are a Catholic school. It is our faith which binds us together in all our activities. We grow in faith through Prayer, Teaching and Worship.

We hope that your child will be happy and successful with us and that you will become involved in the very busy life of the school.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Catherine Greaves, Chair of Governors (Acting)
Mrs Nichola Potts, Headteacher


School Hours


Morning Session8.50am - 12 noon (Break 10.45am - 11.00am)
Lunch12 noon - 1.30pm
Afternoon Session1.30pm - 3.30pm


Morning Session8.50am - 12 noon (Break 10.30am - 10.45am)
Lunch12 noon - 1.00pm
Afternoon Session1.00pm - 3.30pm


Regular and punctual attendance at school are habits your child should be encouraged to form.

Please note, the school office uses the InVentry system to manage attendance and punctuality. All parents must sign their child in at the school office if they are late for school using this new system.

School begins at 8.50am. Children arriving after this time will have to report to the School Office where you will need to report the lateness and reason using the Inventry screen. Arrival after this time will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Latecomers disturb both teacher and classmates.

Parents of children absent from school must send in a letter giving the reason for the absence. Phone calls must also be followed by a letter to school.

If your child has a medical appointment during school hours he or she will only be released to authorised adults and you will need to log your child out using the Inventry screen  located at the School Office.

You can download a copy of our attendance policy from the Policies and Documents page.


School Meals

We have our own school kitchen and midday meals are provided for all children who wish to have them. A cafeteria system operates with a choice menu from Citywide Catering provider.
The food menu and weekly rotation dates are on our website under 'mailings'.
Citywide Catering can provide you with information on food content if you need to discuss your concern about your child's meal and potential allergies.

All dinner money is paid using Parent Pay and Citywide Catering set the minimum limit on the

Parent Pay accounts.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, please contact Salford Free School Meal Department. Please see 'link' on this website for contact information.

Currently, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive Universal Free School Meals.

Please do complete the yellow Free School Meal forms that are sent home annually as this would financially benefit the School if you are successful.

Children may bring a packed lunch to School provided that permission is sought from the Headteacher who requires two weeks' written notice as Citywide Catering stock orders will require adjustment.



There is a large playground and a field with a wealth of shrubbery and hedging which provides a good stimulus for outdoor study. There is attractive bench seating and a large tyre play area.


In an effort to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle, we encourage children to participate in a wide range of sporting activities: Football, Swimming, Netball, Cross Country and Atheltics. At KS2 the children participate in inter-house sporting events and many inter-school competitions within the city.


Children in the junior department have the opportunity of learning a musical instrument. Peripatetic teachers visit school from the Music and Performing Arts Service (MAPAS) and provide tuition for a range of musical instruments including: violin, cornet, drums, flute, guitar, recorder and clarinet. Further details are available from the Headteacher.