Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Wonder, Believe, Shine & Achieve - Welcome to Reception!

Autumn Term

In the Reception class, we play together, talk together and learn together developing as happy, confident and independent people and we do this by exploring a variety of themes.

In Religious Education, we will be learning simple, traditional prayers.  We will look at the families we belong to – church, school, home and baptism.  In October, we are thinking about Mary.  Then in November we have the feast of Christ the King followed by Advent and Christmas.

In Literacy this term, we will enhance our comprehension skills by listening to and discussing stories, poems and rhymes by sharing a range of big books and ebooks, including traditional and fantasy stories on our themes. We will give meaning to our marks, and write labels, captions, lists, and dictate stories to an adult writing some words that we know. We will continue to explore rhyme and blend and segment phase 2 and 3 sounds. We will keep practising our cursive handwriting!

In Maths this term we will read, write and order numbers to 20 and find one more or one less than a given number. We will find the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them. In practical activities and discussion, we will use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtraction. We will continue to use mathematical names for 3D and 2D shapes and order items by length and height. We will use the language related to money and time.

Understanding the World-People and Communities -The World Technology

Our themes for this term include: Connectedness and celebrating being back together; Black History Month looking at the achievements of Darren Campbell; and Autumn where we will observe the changes in our immediate environment, and study animals that hibernate.

We will look at healthy and not so healthy foods on World Food Day and incorporate harvest and farming.

We will operate simple programs using ICT to help with phonics, maths and handwriting.

Expressive Arts and Design - Exploring and Using Media and Materials Being Imaginative

We will be learning new songs and making music with a variety of instruments and will be experimenting with colour and materials leading up to our Christmas and Nativity celebrations. We will also be using the dough and clay to make a variety of models using simple tools to effect changes. We will create a variety of structures with the construction materials and will move in response to music and make up simple songs and rhymes. We will engage in imaginative role-play using resources to create props.