Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Wonder, Believe, Shine & Achieve - Welcome to Year 1!

Wow! It’s the Summer Term! During this final term of the year, we are going to be looking at:-


We will be planting and growing our own plants and looking at the different types of plants we might see around us.

Alongside plants, we will also be looking at stories connected to healthy eating. We will be reading a different story every week and using this reading to inform our writing. This will help us to consolidate the skills that we have already learnt and continue to develop our writing skills further.


The children will use their own experiences to explore and answer questions about the different places we might go on holiday.

Along with their own experiences, we will be using a variety of stories, with holiday settings, to continue to improve our writing so we are ready for Year 2. 


The focus in Year 1’s homework is the children’s phonics and their reading. They should be trying to practise their reading for 10-15 minutes every night. As well as reading their reading book, it is a good idea to discuss what is happening in the book and to ask questions about the stories. 
The children will also be given one piece of literacy and one piece of numeracy homework each week.