Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Welcome to Year 1!

We are already into the Spring Term of this year, and during this Term we are going to be looking at:-

1)      Fairy tales. We will be building on all the skills we have built up in the Autumn term to help us write traditional, and our own, Fairy Tales. We will be reading a different story every week and using this reading to inform our writing. This will help us to develop our writing skills further and continue to improve our cursive handwriting.

2)        Animals and Humans. The children will use the local environment throughout the year to explore and answer questions about animals in their habitat. They will begin to become familiar with the common names of some fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including those that are kept as pets.

The children will have plenty of opportunities to learn the names of the main body parts (including head, neck, arms, elbows, legs, knees, face, ears, eyes, hair, mouth, teeth) through games, actions, songs and rhymes.

We will be looking at stories and poems about animals, as well as inventing some of our own. We will be doing lots of non-fiction writing and making fact files for some of the animals we’ve looked at.



The main focus in Year 1’s homework is the children’s reading. They should be trying to practise their reading for 10-15 minutes every night. As well as reading their reading book, it is a good idea to discuss what is happening in the book and to ask questions about the stories. 
The children will also be given homework to be completed in their homework books. Homework will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be in the following Wednesday.