Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our school exists to serve the parish of Christ the King working together for the development of our children with the love of God as our central focus.

All members of our community - children, staff, parents, governors and friends work in partnership towards love, tolerance and justice.

With this common bond we recognise the uniqueness of each child as part of God's creation.

Therefore we aim to develop their particular talents and needs, thus allowing them to achieve their full potential.


Aims of the School

We are a voluntary aided Roman Catholic School aiming to provide a secure, happy and Catholic atmosphere within a stimulating environment where children can develop and learn surrounded by support and co-operation.

All children are valued and recognised as individuals, whose needs must be catered for and respected by all members of our community. We hope that the children in our school are prepared for the opportunities and respect they will face in the wider community.