Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Welcome to Year 5!

This term we are going to learn about Native Americans; their way of life and how they were affected by the immigration of settlers from Europe. Salford has clear historical links with the Sioux Tribe from Dakota - there are even streets named after some of them – we will investigate the legacy of the visit of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The children will explore how different the tribes were by making tipis and longhouses, cooking traditional food, planting and growing the ‘Three Sisters’.

During World War Two, Native Americans were involved as ‘Code Talkers’ and we will research some of the individual stories. In the final part of the topic we will look at how Native Americans were treated by the ‘White Settlers’ and through that legacy how they live today.



Each week every child will be expected to complete:

At the end of each half term a project may be completed and presented to the class. This is a speaking and listening activity designed to improve your child's public speaking and confidence. The project should be linked to the Class Topic and can be presented as creatively as possible e.g. PowerPoint, models, posters. 

Finally, a list of websites have been recommended for the children to use at home for further study of any subjects covered in class (any passwords required have been issued).