Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Welcome to Year 3!

Manchester as a Powerhouse of invention and technological advancement from just prior to, and then throughout the Victorian era. Year 3 are going to become historians of their locality in the Spring Term and delve into Manchester's rise to prominence. They will start their journey on a visit to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry where we will be attending: The Revolution Manchester Show, an Engine Demonstration, and Manchester Mills. This will be a springboard into looking into the development of the modern passenger railways (through a look at the Rainhill Trials), which started in our very own Manchester.

We will then use this topic as a stepping-stone for learning in other areas of the curriculum.

In English we will be reading and writing Science Fiction or Fantasy stories and Playscripts using the Read, Write, Inc. scheme, and then use the skills learnt to write our own Victorian stories and playscripts. We will also look at discussion texts, focusing on the pros and cons of the 'new' railway, and its construction, and then instructional texts.

In Art and Design Technology, we will be making a Punch or Judy puppet, look at Victorian cam and optical toys, and Victorian patterns - William Morris.

In Geography, we will use historical and modern maps and atlas's to look at the route taken by the original railway track between Manchester and Liverpool, identifying the changes in the human and physical characteristics.



It is expected that every night your child will:

Children will also be given up to two pieces of homework on Friday to be returned for Wednesday the following week. This could be apiece of numeracy and/or apiece of literacy based on work done during that week.

Also at the end of each half term, a project based on that term's topic may be completed and presented to the class. The project should be presented as imaginatively as possible e.g. PowerPoint, models, posters etc. This is a speaking and listening activity to build your child's confidence and to develop the ability to speak in public.