Christ The King RC Primary School - To Work Is To Pray


Welcome to Nursery!

This term Nursery will be finding out about Winter, Space and Chinese New Year. We will think about how we keep warm and look after animals and birds, making shelters for them. The children will make bird feeders to hang up in the outdoor area and we will look at different vegetables and make our own vegetable soup. We will read stories about Percy the park keeper and make his shed for role-play activities.

The children will learn about Space and the planets. Finding out new things about Space from information books, YouTube clips and Espresso. We will conduct experiments using various materials - finding out which materials work best for different purposes.

We will celebrate Chinese New Year alongside the Reception class, sharing activities and experiences. We will taste Chinese food and will also make a Chinese kitchen and restaurant. We'll make up dragon dances and find out other ways this festival is celebrated.

We will also cover many different areas including Oral Story telling – retelling known & familiar stories. We will continue to have fun learning Jolly phonics. We will sing lots of number and nursery rhymes to develop children's confidence and social interaction with their friends. Our Numeracy will focus on counting, ordering numerals and matching numeral to quantity.

Our topics develop throughout the year, based upon the children's interests and ideas.



To help your child at home we suggest reading a variety of stories and information books, discussing the story as you read. Singing lots of nursery and number rhymes will help your child develop their counting skills.

There are many games/stories/clips on the CBBC website for you to access. You can also access the Jolly Phonics website by searching 'Jolly Phonics' in Google.